Evidence Bag 'Hoax' Throws Patrick Kane Case In Limbo

Evidence Bag 'Hoax' Throws Patrick Kane Case In Limbo
The district attorney involved with the sexual assault case against Patrick Kane says an evidence bag "hoax" could keep the case from going to court.

The sexual assault case against NHL star Patrick Kane is in limbo. 

The Erie County district attorney told reporters Friday the mother of the woman accusing Kane of rape lied about how an evidence bag showed up on her doorstep.

"It's a bizarre hoax and it's a dog-and-pony show," Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita said

"I said from the beginning it was a hoax. It's obvious what the intent was," Kane's attorney, Paul Cambria, said

The mother reportedly told her daughter's attorney an evidence bag was unexpectedly delivered to her home. Based on the mother's claim, the accuser's attorney said the bag once contained a rape kit.

"It contains my client's identity. It contains my client's birthday. It contains the location where the rape kit was done," attorney Thomas Eoannou told reporters

Attorney Thomas Eoannou later walked back those comments and withdrew from the case. 

The district attorney says the accuser's mother won't face charges for lying to Eoannou since she wasn't under oath. But the path forward is uncertain for a case that has, so far, been plagued by leaks and odd twists — none of them putting investigators closer to the truth. 

Kane is still under investigation for allegedly raping a woman back in August, but, according to the DA, the odds of those allegations ever ending up in court are getting slimmer.

"The question in my mind is not when this case will go to a grand jury. The question in my mind is if this case will go to a grand jury," Sedita told reporters

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