Domino's Will Deliver Pizza With Autonomous Cars

Domino's Will Deliver Pizza With Autonomous Cars
A human will still operate the self-driving car for safety reasons, but customers will interact mostly with the vehicle.

Domino's is taking pizza delivery up a notch by delivering a few of its pies with self-driving cars.

The pizza chain is teaming up with Ford to test how consumers respond to getting pizza from a car and not a person. Over the next few weeks, some customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will get their Domino's delivery in an autonomous Ford Fusion.

For safety reasons, a person will drive the cars, but Domino's pizza-eaters will only interact with the vehicle.

Customers can track the car throughout the delivery. Then they'll get a text message with a code to unlock the car's heated compartment that holds their order.

With this experiment, Ford wants to learn more about what consumers need and expect from self-driving vehicles.

Domino's wants to see how people feel about walking outside to get their pizza, opposed to door delivery.

Let's just hope this experiment works out a little better than the time Domino's tried to get reindeer to deliver pizza.