DOJ Wants Up To Two Years To Reunite Families Separated At The Border

DOJ Wants Up To Two Years To Reunite Families Separated At The Border
The Trump administration is on the verge of what will be a painstaking process of combing through records to find separated families.

The Justice Department has asked for up to two years to identify what could be thousands of immigrant children separated from their families at the border. That's according to court documents filed Friday.

The filing puts forth a plan for reunification that would involve first using data analysis and then painstaking manual reviews to comb through thousands of records.

The government has been under pressure to find all those who were separated. 

Last June, a federal judge ordered the government to reunify families separated under the so-called "zero-tolerance policy." Then a government report in January revealed there were possibly thousands of other families affected. The report says many of them were separated before the announcement of the zero-tolerance policy.

The ACLU, which sued over family separations, responded quickly to news of the government's two-year plan, saying: "We strongly oppose any plan that would give the government up to two years to find these children. The government's proposed plan reflects the Administration's continuing refusal to treat these separations with the urgency they deserve."

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.