DOJ Says Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Investigation Cost $32M

DOJ Says Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Investigation Cost $32M
Special counsel Robert Mueller spent nearly $16 million in direct expenses over the course of his two-year investigation.

The Department of Justice says the Mueller investigation ended up costing nearly $32 million.

The total accounts for both the $16 million that special counsel Robert Mueller spent directly on his office in the two-year investigation, as well as other funds that were used over the course of the investigation. 

A DOJ report highlights nearly $6.5 million spent on the special counsel investigation between October 2018 and May 2019, when Mueller's office closed.

The office of the special counsel didn't officially close after the April release of Mueller's findings, but continued to incur expenses involved with prosecutions and follow-up of leads that were established during the investigation.

According to CNN, some of the special counsel's expenses will be reimbursed indirectly from financial penalties imposed on those convicted of crimes as a result of Mueller's investigation.

The $32 million tab for the probe exceeds costs of the Watergate investigation of President Richard Nixon, which totaled $26 million when adjusted for inflation. The special counsel probe that led to impeachment of President Bill Clinton cost $57 million.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.