Discover The Christmas Magic At 'Enchant'

Discover The Christmas Magic At 'Enchant'
Enchant Christmas hopes to create special moments for around 1.2 million visitors across four cities.

It's a Christmas experience unlike any other. Enchant Christmas brings an immersive experience of lights and colors to four cities across the country.  

In St. Petersburg, Florida, guests can help save the holiday by finding eight toys in a scavenger hunt. You can walk through a maze of lights filled with sculptures, including the traditional Florida palm tree, photo ops, an LED dance floor and even a 100-foot-tall tree.

Nancy Hutson, the general manager of Enchant Christmas, said: "Just the magic of all the lights come together and seeing the children and families really interacting … taking so many selfies and family photos, you just know that you're helping to create a lot of wonderful memories, and that's a great feeling."  

Behind the magical ambiance is a lot of creativity, engineering and planning. Kevin Johnston, founder of Enchant Christmas, said: "Everything you see, we design it in 3D first." Every tree, every reindeer, tunnel. Each year is an opportunity to make it bigger and better.

It all started with him stringing Christmas lights on homes as a 19-year-old. "That snowballed into something more. The idea first struck at a dinner talking about lights. I just remember hearing the words 'light' and 'maze' come together and suddenly my brain started going."

Through the pathways of holiday cheer, there's personal touches throughout. 

"We look for inspiration all over the place," Johnston said. "We've got a train set as one of the items you're finding, and we named it after my son Tommy." 

Special moments they hope to foster for around 1.2 million visitors across four cities.