House Defense Bill Has $1M To Rebrand Bases Named For Confederates

House Defense Bill Has $1M To Rebrand Bases Named For Confederates
The bill would allocate $1 million to rename U.S. military bases named after Confederate leaders, as well as certain roads and streets.

The House Appropriations Committee announced legislation Tuesday that includes money to remove the names of Confederate leaders from military bases. 

The defense appropriations bill would allocate $1 million to do just that, as well as rename roads and streets named after Confederate leaders. The U.S. has 10 bases with Confederate namesakes.

The White House's press secretary has said the president won't sign any legislation that renames military bases. Since then, there have been multiple proposed bills in the House and Senate that include provisions to change their names. The House and Senate Armed Services committees have also approved legislation that would set up the process to rename bases. 

The appropriations bill also prevents the Trump administration from using money for the Pentagon to build the president's border wall. Some of the other things the bill includes is a 3% pay raise for service members, more money for shipbuilding and funding for 91 F-35 fighters.