Countries Consider Stricter Virus Measures As Cases Climb

Countries Consider Stricter Virus Measures As Cases Climb
Australia, India, Israel and other countries are renewing lockdown measures.

Governments around the world are advising citizens to abide by virus restrictions or face stricter measures as COVID-19 case numbers climb.

In Australia, travel restrictions are being extended and harsher punishments are being implemented for those who break quarantine rules. Earlier this month, Australian officials isolated the state of Victoria amid a resurgence of cases in the city of Melbourne. Housing complexes were identified as hot spots for the virus and were promptly locked down. The city is under a six week lockdown as part of virus containment efforts.

In India, lockdown measures are being reimposed in some states as the virus case numbers for the country inch toward 1 million. India has had issues with crowding in public hospitals because many of the sick can't afford private care. The country has also been suffering from a shortage of trained medical staff.

In Israel, health officials are reportedly warning of an entire country lockdown once again if case numbers don’t come down.

In the meantime, vaccine trials are pushing ahead with some promising early results. More than two dozen possible COVID-19 vaccines are reportedly undergoing testing. Biotech company Moderna says it will be entering Phase 3 of its vaccine trial at the end of this month.

Contains footage from CNN. Additional reporting by Rod McGuirk of the Associated Press.