British Lawmakers Vote To Delay Decision On Brexit Deal

British Lawmakers Vote To Delay Decision On Brexit Deal
Lawmakers voted in favor of an amendment that is basically an "insurance policy" to protect against a no-deal Brexit.

British Parliament decided on Saturday to delay a vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.

Johnson's deal is similar to the one formed by his predecessor Theresa May, with the main exception being the rules governing goods from Northern Ireland.

It was expected to come to a vote Saturday. But, parliament members narrowly voted in favor of an amendment to withhold the House of Commons's approval until legislation necessary to implement it has passed. The lawmaker who proposed the amendment calls it an "insurance policy" to ensure that Britain doesn't "crash out" of the EU without a deal.

Now Johnson is obligated to request an extension from the EU. But he says he doesn't have to.

Johnson told Parliament, "I will not negotiate a delay with the EU, and neither does the law compel me to do so."

The leader of the House of Commons has indicated that Parliament will take up the matter again on Monday.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN