Were Badlands National Park's Climate Change Tweets A Dig At Trump?

Badlands National Park sign in South Dakota
Badlands National Park tweeted about climate change after reports claimed President Trump enforced a social media blackout.

The person at the controls of Badlands National Park's Twitter account took on a very climate-change-tinted theme this afternoon.

Here's where things get tricky: It's not clear why all this is happening. Some reports suggested that President Donald Trump had banned EPA employees from sharing updates on social media. 

Press secretary Sean Spicer deflected a question about the supposed "gag order" today. He had another question to answer, but that's a different story.

And you might remember the National Park Service retweeting shade at President Trump just a few days ago. 

Those retweets have been deleted, and the National Park Service issued an apology. 

There's no official word from the White House yet about this Badlands account. But Twitter is certainly talking about it.

The Badlands tweets have also since been deleted.