Australia's Pledge To Help US Prompts Threats From N. Korea

Australia's Pledge To Help US Prompts Threats From N. Korea
North Korean state media warned Australia that helping the U.S. in a war is a "suicidal act."

North Korea threatened Australia after the prime minister promised to help the U.S. if the North attacks.

In a statement dated Saturday, North Korean state media described Australia's pledge as "suicidal."

It also said, "Australia followed the US to the Korean War, the Vietnamese War and the 'war on terrorism,' but heavy loss of lives and assets were all that it got in return."

A war of words between North Korea and the U.S. has been going on for weeks. And The Guardian notes this is the first time Pyongyang specifically criticized the Australian government since the spat started.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded by urging "all countries to redouble their efforts, including through implementation of agreed UN Security Council resolutions, to bring North Korea to its senses."

Roughly two dozen Australian troops will join the U.S. and South Korea in annual military exercises that began Monday.

Last year, North Korea conducted nuclear tests in response to these military drills.