Army Sets Up Medical Tents In Seattle To Alleviate Local Hospitals

Army Sets Up Medical Tents In Seattle To Alleviate Local Hospitals
The U.S. Army is setting up medical tents to treat non-COVID-19 patients in the hardest-hit area of Washington state.

More than 500 U.S. Army personnel are setting up medical tents at the CenturyLink Event Center in Seattle to alleviate pressure on the state’s health care system.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Washington has the second-most confirmed coronavirus deaths, behind New York. 

Patients are referred to the "tent city" from local hospitals — similar to what New York City has done with its convention center.

"That includes in our emergency room operating suite, lab microbiology, blood banking capability, X-ray, mental health and ministry services, also 100 Intermediate Care wards and 40 intensive care units," Army Lt. Col. Jason Hughes said.

The one-stop shops will only treat patients who do not have the coronavirus.

"This will allow those hospitals to increase capacity to take care of COVID patients," Army Col. Hope Williamson-Younce said. 

Those who arrive for care will be screened for the coronavirus before they enter the facility.

"We will do the screening here at the door to make sure that we do not receive on COVID-19 patients. If we do by chance, we are prepared to isolate those patients and then again, treat them with the same care, dignity, respect, and get them back in our facilities," Williamson-Younce said.

These top military leaders say their medical staff may be able to start treating patients by the second week of April.