Angela Merkel Opens Bilateral Talks With Mario At Gaming Convention

Angela Merkel Opens Bilateral Talks With Mario At Gaming Convention
After opening Gamescom 2017, Merkel was seen playing some good ol' "Farming Simulator."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given a lot of speeches throughout her political career, but today was a little different. Today she gave a speech about video games and how great they are.

The political figure opened up this year's Gamescom — formerly the world's largest public gaming convention — with a speech to more than 500 guests and journalists.

Merkel said to the crowd: "Computer and video games are of the utmost importance as cultural assets, as a driving force for innovation and as an economic factor."

In her speech, Merkel also said Germany wants to get better at supporting game developers and improve broadband speeds in some parts of the country.

After opening the convention, the chancellor toured the convention floor and played some "Farming Simulator." Microsoft even made a special Minecraft avatar just for her.

With an election in September, critics are speculating Merkel is using Gamescom to garner younger supporters.

Days before the convention, Merkel was even answering questions about things like her favorite emoji during her first-ever YouTube Live interview.

(In case you were wondering, her favorite emoji is a smiley face — sometimes a smiley face with hearts.)

No matter the reason for her appearance, Merkel's visit to Gamescom — and the pictures that resulted from it — gave the internet something new to chuckle at.