Amy Winehouse's Legacy Could Help Future Female Addicts

Amy Winehouse's Legacy Could Help Future Female Addicts
The house, known as Amy's Place, will serve women in the U.K. who have already undergone traditional substance rehabilitation.

It's been five years since soulful singer Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning. 

The charity her family founded in her name decided to honor the anniversary by opening a home for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Officials from the Amy Winehouse Foundation told The Guardian they decided to create "Amy's Place" because there aren't enough women-specific drug addiction services in the U.K. These facilities are important to ensure the women's protection from ex-partners or dependency on men.

But according to an official with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, women-specific services are limited. For example, he said there are only a few women-only rehab centers and just one women-only recovery house in London.

The home, which opens Monday in east London, can hold up to 16 women. These women will go through a three-month program that includes activities like yoga, group counseling and employment skills workshops.

This video includes clips from CBS and the Amy Winehouse Foundation and images from Getty Images.