Americans React To Trump's COVID Diagnosis

Americans React To Trump's COVID Diagnosis
The president and first lady are both positive for the virus.

President Trump has COVID-19. How are Americans reacting?

Mackenzie Wackler, Dayton, OH: "Even though I'm not a Trump supporter, it makes me so sad that Trump has COVID. I wouldn't wish it on anyone." 

Kathy Wilson, Chicago: "Sadly on Facebook there's quite a bit of 'OG I hope they die,' which is ridiculous even if you don't support Trump."

T. Payne, Dayton, OH: "It's unbelievable. Hmmm really is it a hoax? I really don't know what to believe. Is it for real?"

John Smith, New York City: "Some of the things he says and that he tweets. They are not always accurate. So with him? Who's to say?"

Joe Duran, New York City: "Hopefully he'll learn and realize that it's not a hoax and it's a real thing and it's a pandemic and that he will then lead according to this new experience that he has. Hopefully." 

Naomi Mcgarraugh, Austin, TX: "I hope that he stays strong and that nothing happens to him so he can win the election this year." 

Gary Tracy, Dayton, OH: "It won't affect me. I'll still vote the way I'm going to vote."

Camilla, Washington, D.C.: "Politics aside, he had it coming. He wasn't wearing a mask and he didn't believe in it." 

Xavier Ortega, New York City: "They are human. I feel sorry about him and about his wife."

Laura Mcgarraugh, Austin, TX: "He's very strong and healthy and will get the best care. He'll be an example and an inspiration for all of us."

Mike Gee, Washington, D.C.: "You don't want people dying from that, you want people to be healthy. You want them to be ok even if you don't agree with their policies."