A New Football League Hopes To Be A Faster, Safer Version Of The NFL

A New Football League Hopes To Be A Faster, Safer Version Of The NFL
A new flag football league hopes to take on the NFL and go mainstream as a faster, safer alternative.

If you're a football fan, but you just can't wait for the NFL season to get started, there's a new alternative coming soon.

The American Flag Football League is looking to launch a new brand of the sport that's both faster and safer.

"We can take the things that people like and make football much more accessible for a lot more people for a lot longer," AFFL founder Jeff Lewis said. 

With all the negative press surrounding the NFL and concussions, it seemed inevitable that a noncontact football alternative would spring up.

Flag football is basically the same as regular football, except players stop the ball carrier by ripping flags off their waist instead of tackling them. It's also played with seven players per team instead of 11.

Lewis hopes to get the league started with eight teams in 2018, but he's holding a trial game in June. And some former NFL stars will be on the roster.

Quarterback Michael Vick and running back Justin Forsett are on board to help launch the league.

Lewis hopes other retired pros or young guys who didn't make the cut in the NFL will turn to flag football as a way to extend their careers.