Amazon Wants To Enter Your Home When You're Not There

Amazon Wants To Enter Your Home When You're Not There
Amazon is launching an in-home delivery service for Prime members in certain cities and some surrounding areas.

Amazon wants to come inside your home when you're out — but it's not as creepy as it sounds.

The company is launching a program called Amazon Key; Prime members in certain cities can have packages delivered inside their front doors.

Starting at $250, members can buy the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which comes with a special security camera, smart lock and control app. The gadgets are required for the service.

Once everything is installed, members can choose how they want their items delivered and get a notification on delivery day. If they've got security concerns, they can also watch everything from their phones.

Members can also use the system to grant access to anyone they want — like friends and family.

Walmart started testing a similar program in September with a focus on groceries. The company teamed up with security company August Home to make grocery and other shopping more convenient.

Amazon's program is only available in 37 cities and some surrounding areas right now, but the e-commerce giant says it plans to expand.