ACT To Allow Students To Retake Individual Sections

ACT To Allow Students To Retake Individual Sections
The ACT will allow students to retake individual sections of the exam beginning in September 2020.

The ACT test has announced that it will allow students who have already taken the test to retake individual sections, instead of taking the entire thing over again.

Starting in September 2020, the college-admissions exam will be instituting three new options for students: ACT section retaking, online testing at ACT test centers, and a calculated ACT composite "superscore."

In a press release, officials at ACT said "research shows that ACT scores for students who take individual section tests are consistent with those earned when they take the entire test." The new changes will allow students to better their scores in individual sections without the fear of getting a lower overall score.

The cost of taking the individual sections will reportedly be less than the entire exam, although ACT has yet to release pricing details. ACT will also be providing fee waivers to low-income families for taking either the entire exam or retaking individual sections.