10,000 Local Fans Allowed In Olympic Venues

10,000 Local Fans Allowed In Olympic Venues
Medical experts are concerned the summer Olympics could create a spike in COVID-19 cases.

When you watch the Olympics next month you can expect to see a crowd.

This morning, Japan announced it will allow local fans to attend the Tokyo games. 

10,000 spectators will be allowed at each venue as long as that number is not more than 50% of the venue's max capacity.

There are still concerns though from medical experts and people living in Japan that COVID-19 cases could spike because of the Olympics.

Yesterday, a state of emergency in Tokyo was lifted while vaccination rates in  Japan remain very low.

Japan's prime minister said if the pandemic takes a bad turn it's possible all fans could be banned. Overseas fans have already been banned from the games.

The opening ceremony will take place July 23.