Woman Uses Vacuum Cleaners To Climb A Skyscraper Like Spider-Man

May 27, 2016

Sierra Blair-Coyle looks more like Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus than a professional rock climber. And those two LG vacuum cleaners on her back let her do something superhuman — scale a skyscraper.

LG, the company that makes the CordZero vacuums strapped to Blair-Coyle's back, arranged the stunt to show off the power and long life of the lithium-ion batteries in its products. Sadly, the suction cups used for the nearly 460-foot climb aren't included.

Blair-Coyle scaled the 33-story office building in under 30 minutes, stopping only once — not because she was tired — but because the vacuum cleaners ran out of juice. Under less strenuous conditions, like while vacuuming a carpet, the cleaners might last closer to 40 minutes in regular power mode.

Publicity stunt aside, this feat is pretty impressive. Watch it below, and remember: Don't try this at home.