Two Women Live Tweeted Their Trip To England To Make A Point About Ireland's Abortion Laws

August 23, 2016

#RepealThe8th has long been a rallying cry among abortion rights activists trying to oust Ireland’s controversial Eighth Amendment, which was passed in 1983 and states that the life of an unborn child is equal to the life of the mother.

But two anonymous women recently added a new poignant and personal layer to the dialogue. One of the women wanted an abortion, and her friend traveled to England with her to get it. They live tweeted their journey from the @TwoWomenTravel Twitter account. The tweets are biting and heartfelt, and make a point to call out Enda Kenny, the head of the Irish government, who has sought to block many attempts at repealing or reforming Ireland’s abortion laws.





The United Nations recently characterized Ireland’s strict abortion laws as a possible human rights violation. Although the 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act legalized abortions when the woman’s life is at risk, including the risk of suicide, abortion is still illegal under circumstances like rape, incest and fetal anomaly.

And so many more than two women board planes to get abortions. The Irish Family Planning Association estimates 5,000 women travel abroad each year to terminate pregnancies. Most, like @TwoWomenTravel, make the trek to England, where abortion services are legal and more accessible.






The honesty and openness of the #TwoWomenTravel tweets inspired an entirely new conversation about Ireland's abortion laws.