Wes Anderson Directed The Most Wes-Anderson Commercial You'll Ever See

By Tyler Adkisson | November 28, 2016

The holiday season is the time of year when multinational global corporations spend tons of money on commercials to remind potential shoppers they exist — and H&M's new commercial is no exception.

The Swedish clothing company went all out and hired Wes Anderson to direct a short film titled "Come Together" about a group of passengers stuck on a train during a snowstorm on Christmas. And, to nobody's surprise, "Come Together" is peak Wes Anderson.

Here are just a few of the most "Wes Anderson-y" things about his new short.





Anderson fans were quick to point out this short didn't really feel like an advertisement, but more like a deleted scene from "The Grand Budapest Hotel" or a Christmas-centric version of "The Darjeeling Limited."


Did we mention the train conductor is played by longtime Anderson cohort Adrien Brody, who, coincidentally, is in both of the aforementioned films?

The commercial is stylistically akin to Anderson's feature films, as well.

Many of the shots in the commercial have perfect symmetry.


"The Grand Budapest Hotel" connection really runs deep when comparing Brody's train conductor get-up to that of the hotel staff.

And a Wes Anderson production isn't truly a Wes Anderson production unless it's loaded with whimsical, big-eyed children that hit viewers right in the heart with a blast of nostalgia.