People Are All About Weed Brownies At The CNBC GOP Debate


October 28, 2015

The topic of edibles has come up almost as frequently as the issues themselves during the debate. The candidates are, of course, in Colorado, known for its weed-consuming ways, and that has given everyone and their mother the opportunity to talk about weed brownies.

First it was the CNBC debate lead-up when hosts raised the hard-hitting question of why the debate was held in Boulder in the first place. One anchor had a pretty interesting take: "Here I thought it was because we could get some really good bud," Joe Kernen said.

Good times!

Next up we have Sen. Ted Cruz, who suggested that maybe he and host Carl Quintanilla could get some of "Colorado's famous brownies" instead of grabbing a beer together.

So, yeah, the issues are still on everyone's minds at the debate, but so is an alternative way to get high.