Watch Donald Trump Start The GOP Debate Off By Saying 'Wages Are Too High'


Nov. 10, 2016

In his first statement of the Fox Business/WSJ debate, Donald Trump jumped right into the minimum wage debate when asked if he understood why protestors want it raised to $15. 

"We are a country that is being beaten on every front — economically, militarily," Trump said.

"Taxes too high, wages too high, we're not going to be able to compete against the world. ... People have to go out, they have to work really hard, and they have to get into that upper stratum," Trump said.

Trump also mentioned the country is already "losing too much" and that the U.S. doesn't "win anymore."

For the record, Carson and Rubio also agreed with Trump on not raising the minimum wage with the latter arguing it would make people "more expensive than a machine."