This Guy Just Became Everyone's BFF With One Ridiculous Trash Can Shot

September 5, 2016


The best part of this video is that the entire class just LOSES IT when he makes it.

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I mean, we get it; this Benny guy is seriously impressive. Oh wait, his name isn't Benny! The tweet went viral and then Rachel Brown, the one to capture this feat of pure magic on camera, found out his name is actually Vinny. Awkward.

She was cool about it, though.

And Brown's right: Vinny is the real MVP. With one act, he rescued an entire class from the torture of the first quiz of a semester AND gave them all hope. For that one day, this classroom full of strangers all felt like they were part of something bigger. It's basically "The Breakfast Club" in a 13-second video.

via Giphy