Trump Wants CNN To Send Him Flowers For Its Record-Breaking GOP Debate Ratings

September 17, 2015

Donald Trump is here to take credit for CNN's record-shattering debate ratings last night. His tweet suggested he has earned, at the very least, flowers and a thank you card. Of course, CNN reporter Brian Stelter responded to Trump's tweet with with a bunch of flower emojis. Because this is Donald Trump and the Internet we're talking about.

CNN did in fact pull in an all-time network record of almost 23 million viewers last night, according to Variety. The entertainment outlet goes on to mention that's more than seven (seven!) times the viewers CNN had for its Republican primary debate in 2012. But it still falls short of Fox News' 24 million viewers for last month's debate.

One thing about Trump: He knows how to draw a huuuuuuuge crowd.

Trump, if you'll remember, asked CNN in a letter to donate profits from its GOP debate to veterans groups because "viewer interest and advertising is 100% due to 'Donald J. Trump.'"