Trump Still Hasn't Held A Presser, But NYT Got The Next Best Thing

By Jamal Andress | November 22, 2016

The press — and more importantly, the public — hasn't gotten a post-election press conference with President-elect Donald Trump. But in a meeting with The New York Times, the businessman-turned-politician answered some of the nation's most pressing questions.

The meeting covered everything from Steve Bannon's reported ties with the alt-right movement to Trump's recent decision not to push for investigations of Hillary Clinton. Here are the highlights:

Trump said he was "never a fan" of the electoral college, despite the role it played in getting him elected.

He said he doesn't want to "energize" the alt-right movement and that he doesn't consider Bannon alt-right.

Regarding Breitbart, the website Bannon ran before working for the Trump presidential campaign, Trump said it's "just a publication."

On climate change, he said:

Pushing for Clinton to be prosecuted would be "very very divisive for the country," he said. He also noted that some would say the Clinton Foundation has done "good work."

When discussing his business interests and the potential conflicts that would come with being president, he said:

For more on the meeting, check out The New York Times' live blog.