Watch That Trevor Noah Interview Of Tomi Lahren That Everybody's Talking About

December 1, 2016

Here it is: a modern phenomenon. Two people clearly on opposite sides of the political spectrum and from very different backgrounds debating some of the most contentious and emotional issues in America — and it somehow didn't end in a screaming match. 

Tomi Lahren, host of her show on "TheBlaze," is known as a conservative firebrand. She's not one to pull punches. And much of Trevor Noah's job as host of "The Daily Show" is to make fun of conservatives.

Noah is a biracial man who was born in apartheid South Africa. Lahren is a white woman. And they were arguing about racism. Just think about that.

Still, it looks like they managed to leave on civil terms, and each made a point to reach out on Twitter in a show of good will.