Teen Vogue's Trump 'Gaslighting' Piece Asserts That Teens Are Engaged In Politics, Too

December 12, 2016

Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca recently published an opinion piece called "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America," and it's got lots of people questioning why such a hard-hitting political topic is being discussed by a magazine for teenagers. Duca explains her view that Trump has manipulated American voters by lying and disregarding the truth. 

Some people were pretty surprised that Teen Vogue took on such a serious political topic. 




Others just want people to realize that Teen Vogue consistently does good work and that yeah, teenagers do care about politics. They just wanted everyone to give credit where credit's due.  



And Teen Vogue's social media director was quick to clap back at someone who said nobody reads Teen Vogue's politics stories. And the writer had some pretty inspiring words for young women after penning the piece.