Ted Cruz Just Went On A 30-Second Tirade Against CNBC's Debate Questions


October 28, 2015

The most telling moment early on in the CNBC debate was Ted Cruz's full-on attack of the debate coverage. When asked a question about the debt ceiling, Cruz used his 30 seconds to go on a tirade against the moderator's question. Cruz pulled no punches in using his allotted time to talk about how terrible the questions have been.

"The questions that have been asked during this debate illustrate why the American public doesn’t trust the media.”

Cruz further expressed his frustration by citing a specific question each candidate received during the debate. Whether it was "Trump being called a comic book villain" or "Ben Carson not being able to do math," Cruz is less than thrilled with the media so far this evening. He can get in line, apparently, with Rubio also going after the media's bias coverage in his voting record.