Taylor Swift Eats It After Falling Off A Treadmill In New Apple Ad

April 1, 2016

Apple Music is promoting three free months when potential users sign up, but you might've missed that from this advertisement.

In it, Swift — America's sweetheart and the sonic savant for middle school girls — raps along to "Jumpman" by Future and Drake while running on a treadmill.

The juxtaposition is palpable — and so is her relatability. How many of us have plugged in our earbuds and rapped along to our favorite songs while being totally ignorant of how we really sound? We hate to break it to you, but you look and sound like Swift.

The kicker here is that she gets so into it, she face-plants off the treadmill, but she doesn't stop rapping. #Dedication

The most devastatingly hilarious part of all this: It might've really happened.