This Kid Answers The Age-Old Question: Which Soda Is Worse For Your Teeth?

September 4, 2016

For your daily dose of "wow that kid is way smarter than me," we present Chase Wiley.

Wiley runs a science YouTube channel with more than 7,500 subscribers. He conducts experiments and answers important questions like "what's the science behind bottle flipping" and "why does Minnesota have so many lakes?"

Our favorite Wiley video was actually made for someone else's channel and is all about a (kinda gross) experiment to see which soda is worse for teeth: Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola.

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How'd he do it? By taking his sister's molars and sticking them in a bottle of each soda for two weeks and five days, obviously. We gotta say, props to the sister for donating her teeth to science.

The thought of dissolving another person's teeth may be cringe-worthy, but Wiley's quick, helpful explanations and the results of his experiment are pretty awesome. Here you have a young guy who was curious about something and went out to find answers and shared those answers with the world. Wiley's science know-how is impressive, but it's his enterprising spirit we're really in awe of.

And that's why we nominate him for co-host of "Bill Nye Saves the World." We don't know if Bill Nye needs or wants a co-host, but you have to admit, Chase Wiley, the Science Kid, has a certain ring to it.