#MyBeautyMySay: How Shawn Johnson Is Empowering Girls To Be Strong

July 26, 2016

Former gymnast Shawn Johnson just teamed up with Dove to change how we talk about athletes. Johnson told Mashable, “I feel like our world today is pushing beauty over athleticism for young girls.”

Johnson said that when she competed the criticisms rarely were about her athletic ability.

"I don't care if people critique me. I want you to," Johnson said. "But I want you to critique my performance. If you say my backflip wasn't high enough, I can either [disagree] and say it was, or I can go home and work on it. If I do a backflip and you say, 'Well, you just aren't pretty enough,' there's nothing I can do with that. It's a helpless feeling."

The brand has been cataloging media’s criticisms of young female athletes including “Huge Nipples”, “Frizzy Hair”, and “Her ass is... quality.”







The goal of Dove’s #MyBeautyMySay campaign is not just about athletes. The initiative aims to shift conversations from looks to capabilities.