'Sexy' Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Halloween Costumes Are Now On Sale

September 22, 2016

Halloween is just over a month away, and the 2016 presidential election takes place just one week after that — so why not celebrate both at once?

It's pretty easy to dress up as Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and even though nobody asked for this, there are "sexy" versions of presidential candidate costumes on sale.

"Donna T. Rumpshaker" (yes, seriously) was a best-seller on Yandy.com last year, featuring "booty" shorts (according to their description), a Trump-esque wig and, of course, a "Make America Great Again" cap. It sold out, so this year the website has sexy Trump version two, which they've dubbed "Donna T 2.0." The Trump wig and hat are back (sold separately), but this time the costume features a full business suit with an "open neckline" (that's code for cleavage) and an American flag pin. Donna T 2.0 is already sold out, but we're sure it'll be back in stock in time for Halloween.

The Hillary Clinton getup, aptly titled "Capitol Hill Costume" doesn't clearly state it's supposed to mimic the Democratic candidate, and it's hard to picture Clinton herself wearing it, but the description makes it pretty clear: "Go from First Lady to the Oval Office in this Yandy limited edition Capitol Hill costume ... " It features a political-looking blue minidress, also complete with American flag pin — but you have to buy the Hillary-esque wig separately.

According to The Hill, the site created the costumes due to popular demand.

"Costumes these days are often about capturing the timely story and transforming it into something fun and sexy," Yandy.com founder and CEO Chad Horstman said in a news release, according to The Hill. "The more feedback we received, the more it was clear that [customers] were looking for something that captured both sides of this year’s political rivalry and that could be worn this Halloween in tandem."

Even though these costumes are on sale, maybe it's time to be a little more creative with your candidate getup — it's easy to smudge on some self-tanner and don a business suit to dress up as America's most controversial presidential candidate. Or, you could always make a joke costume out of Clinton's email scandal. You can even get these horrifying Clinton and Trump masks. Just please, please, don't be a "sexy" politician this Halloween. Your friends will thank you.

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