Service Dogs Showed Up At The Supreme Court In Solidarity With A 12-Year-Old Girl And The ACLU

November 1, 1016

Ehlena Fry and Wonder, her retired service dog, were in Washington, D.C. on Monday while the Supreme Court heard their case. 



The Supreme Court has to decide whether people who were denied the aid of a service dog can sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act without first having to go through a more lengthy and sometimes expensive appeal process. 

Fry has cerebral palsy, and when she was kindergarten, she trained with Wonder so he could help her do things like open and close doors and move from a chair to her walker. But her school in Napoleon, Michigan, wouldn't allow the service dog, saying the dog wasn't necessary because the school had already arranged and paid for an aid. But Wonder helped make Fry more independent, and her parents moved her to a school in a different district that was more welcoming of the dog. Wonder was by Fry's side until she graduated to middle school. And he was by her side Monday on the steps of the Supreme Court. 




And lots of other service dogs showed up to show support for Fry and Wonder. It was adorable. 






Plenty of humans expressed their support for the duo, too.