The Royal Family Takes Their First –– And Very Secret –– Ski Trip

By: Ryan Biek & Auburn Berry | March 7, 2016

Most people brag about their ski trips months before, but the royal family keeps it under wraps until the mountains are just a memory.



Two-year-old Prince George and 10-month-old Princess Charlotte had their first ski trip at an undisclosed location in the French Alps.

The royal children can be spotted in the photos playing in the snow for the first time, and they’re downright precious.



There are even photos of Kate and William getting in a snowball fight themselves.

The media wasn't informed of the trip beforehand. Only a single photographer was invited, and just six posed portraits have been released.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have often expressed concerns about their children's privacy in the past, so we're not all that surprised. We're just happy to get a glimpse of the adorable family having fun.