Were You Nervous About Watching Rihanna's Video For 'Work' At Work?

Feb. 22, 2016

Can we watch the video for “Work” while at work? Asking for a friend, of course.

Rihanna lit up the Internet on Monday with her video for “Work,” featuring Drake. The first part of the video (directed by Director X) finds Rihanna twerking at Caribbean-themed bar and restaurant The Real Jerk, an actual establishment in Toronto, Canada. We’re not sure what’s on the menu, but we do know that Rihanna is clearly the dance queen du jour.

In part two of the video (directed by Tim Erem), Drake is seen staring intensely at Rihanna in a living room drenched in low pink and purple lights. Meanwhile, the Bajan singer winds her hips like a sorceress.

We knew this video was going to be hot based on the teaser that dropped a few days ago, the song itself and Rihanna.

It’s important to note that Drake has made a habit of getting twerks in music videos.

Exhibit A (fast-forward to 3:24)

Exhibit B (fast-forward to 4:24)

Good luck trying to get these songs out of your head this week!