Trees, Fireworks, Vinyls And Other Less Conventional Things You Can Do With Your Ashes When You Die

April 21, 2016

Nobody really likes to talk about death, but some people apparently get excited about the thought of their remains becoming a tree or a fireworks show. Elaborate pottery urns from the early days of cremation are so last Stone Age. Today, they're usually found on fireplace mantels or shelves of loved ones, maybe accompanied by some family photos. And while that’s all fine, science has given the pro-cremation crowd a few ways to reinvent the urn.

 1. Give back to the planet. The Bios Urn uses the ashes to plant a tree and is completely biodegradable. The urn comes with the capsule and the seed of your choice.


2. Light up the sky. Go out with a bang and have your ashes scattered across the land with a fireworks show. Friends and family can watch and conduct the funeral service from a luxury yacht.



3. Drop some sick beats. A British company called And Vinyly presses ashes into vinyl records. Pick whichever songs you like, or just go for the aesthetic and keep your vinyls blank.



4. Go to space. Few get to go to space, so why not space launch your ashes into the cosmos? A company in Houston can help you out with that.



5. Shine bright like a diamond. Bling your ashes and press them into a diamond. LifeGem’s price range is about $3,000 to $20,000 per diamond, and you can have it made into a ring, pendant or other jewelry.