Reebok Alienated Women By Only Offering Men’s Sizes In Shoes Originally Worn By A Sci-Fi Heroine

April 26, 2016

On planet Reebok, women apparently don’t like sci-fi, aliens or badass female protagonists who are trying to save the galaxy from alien invasion.

Fans of the "Alien" franchise were stoked when the shoe brand announced plans to launch a replica of the high-top sneakers Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) wore in the original film. The Alien Stompers went on sale April 26 to coincide with 20th Century Fox's "Alien Day" celebration.

Turns out the Alien Stompers aren't fit for Ripley — as in, they likely wouldn't fit her because Reebok didn't offer the shoe in women’s sizes. You know, for people with woman feet. Women — people who clearly have no interest in buying shoes that tribute their favorite sci-fi fandom. Right, ladies?

While some women probably could rock a men’s size, many took issue with what they saw as a snub to female fans. Although it's worth noting only 426 pairs were on sale worldwide (in honor of planet LV-426) with a price tag of $175, so just about everyone had a hard time getting a pair, much less in the right size. Nonetheless, many thought the lack of women’s sizes was more symbolic than anything.