Radiohead's Claymation Video For 'Burn The Witch' Is Anything But Cute

May 3, 2016

After a brief disappearing act from the internet, Radiohead made its return with the music video for "Burn The Witch."

After about a day of "Where did they go?" we're guessing many internet users asked themselves, "Why did they come back?"

To haunt you, of course, and warn you to never be a nosey claymation man in a dystopian society.

The video was preceded by two short Instagram videos that were mere appetizers for what was to be the fiery main course.

If Radiohead's video reminds you of "The Wicker Man," it should. The main character in the horror film is ultimately lured to his burning death inside a giant wicker man.

Where there's new music, there's likely an album, but Radiohead hasn't made any announcement of the sort — yet.