So You Want A 'Princess Bride' Coloring Book? As You Wish

December 22, 2016

Yeah, 2016 left a lot of people feeling empty, but it's ending on a high note. Now, we'll all be able to buy this coloring book of the best movie ever*, "The Princess Bride."



There's only one way to describe how I feel about this:

via Giphy

Or should I say "twoo wuv"?

This is the latest color book for adults. You can already buy ones for "Doctor Who" and "Star Wars" as well as several for "Harry Potter."

But for those of you who are obsessed with this cult classic, it's ... unbelievable that we had to wait this long. (Bet you thought I was going to say "inconceivable.")

*All opinions here are my own. But if you think "The Princess Bride" isn't definitively the best, you're wrong, and I'm embarrassed for you.