Everyone Loves This Photo Of A Woman Eating A Pork Bun In A Typhoon

September 29, 2016

In the midst of a devastating typhoon that left at least four people dead and more than 600 injured in Taiwan this week, there stands an unlikely hero: this woman, who was photographed eating a pork bun during the storm.

The internet loves her. Several news outlets published the photo with stories about Typhoon Megi on Tuesday. Her broken umbrella looks like it's ready to fly away in a matter of moments, and she's probably getting soaked, but that doesn't stop her from scarfing down the pork bun. And who can't identify with that?

According to Taiwanese publication Apple Daily, the 53-year-old Ms. Dai (she only provided her last name) runs a fruit stand at a market in Taipei. She said she was surprised her photo had gone viral. And apparently, it was partially her husband's fault — he helped her buy the bun, after all.

But we have so many questions. Where did she get the bun? What was in it? Did she Instagram it before eating it (#foodporn)? Regardless, it's hard to not identify with her: Even in life's hardest moments, you can't let a perfectly good meal go to waste.

Twitter user @35VSNRY summed it up best: 

May we all exhibit as much chill as this woman in our daily lives.