You Can Put This Entire House Together With Just A Screwdriver

February 11, 2016

Imagine someone handing you a screwdriver and being like "OK, now go build a house." Oh, and it has to be well-insulated, recyclable and move-in ready in eight weeks.


Thanks to a French design studio, the "passive construction" Pop-Up House is a thing, which means you can now actually build a house like that without breaking a sweat and with nothing but a screwdriver in your tool belt. All the materials are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly. Not to mention this crib has major curb appeal.

So basically, if IKEA and HGTV had a baby it would be the Pop-Up House. And people are digging it.

Still can't believe it? Watch this timelapse video of a Pop-Up House in the making.