Oscar Quiz Answers


How did you do on the quiz with these Oscar Trivia Facts?



Which films are nominated in all seven technical categories?

a.) "The Revenant"

b.) "Mad Max: Fury Road"

c.) Both a and b

d.) None of the above

Which of these actors is not a first-time Oscar nominee?

a.) Bryan Cranston

b.) Tom Hardy

c.) Brie Larson

d.) Christian Bale

If Leo loses the Best Actor award it will make him the third most-nominated actor to have never won an Oscar. Who would he tie with?

a.) Johnny Depp

b.) Tom Cruise

c.) Glenn Close

d.) Warren Beatty

Which director has been nominated in the Best Directing category for the second year in a row?

a.) Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

b.) Tom McCarthy

c.) George Miller

d.) Adam McKay

Which composer holds the record for most Oscar nominations?

a.) Hans Zimmer

b.) James Horner

c.) Ennio Morricone

d.) John Williams


Which nominee is the youngest to receive four acting nods?

a.) Jennifer Lawrence

b.) Eddie Redmayne

c.) Saoirse Ronan

d.) Brie Larson

How much does an Oscar statuette weigh?

a.) 2 pounds

b.) 5 pounds

c.) 8.5 pounds

d.) 10 pounds

About how many people attended the first Academy Awards?

a.) 25

b.) 270

c.) 300

d.) 550

Who has received the most acting nominations ever?

a.) Leonardo DiCaprio

b.) Katharine Hepburn

c.) Jack Nicholson

d.) Meryl Streep

When was the first Academy Awards ceremony held?

a.) 1908

b.) 1929

c.) 1946

d.) 1961

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