This Nonverbal Woman Did The Best Interview With Channing Tatum

By Leah Becerra | May 5, 2016

Carly Fleischmann is an author with autism who is also nonverbal. Her new YouTube series "Speechless with Carly Fleischmann" went live last month, and the first episode was an instant hit.

In it, Fleischmann confesses her love for guest Channing Tatum and then asks him the most hilarious and blunt questions, like: "Do you find it hard to be good-looking? When you first started out, did you find that people took you serious for the roles you wanted to act in?"

Of course, since Fleischmann is nonverbal, she uses a device for communicating. It's clear, though, that the nonverbal barrier is no issue for her. Fleischmann is smart, funny and charms the pants off Tatum — not literally; it's just a figure of speech.

Watch the interview here.