Morgan Freeman's Voice On GPS


Morgan Freeman’s Voice Can Now Get You From A To B (And Call You 'Mr. President')


February 22, 2016

When you make a wrong turn, often the last thing you want to hear is a harsh, animatronic voice redirecting you in a suspiciously scolding tone.

But the rich, calming tones of Morgan Freeman instructing you to take a U-turn? We’ll be taking the “scenic route” far more often.

That’s right, the actor who has actually played God is the latest celebrity voice to be added to Google’s free navigation app, Waze.

However, this isn't simply a case of giving the people what they want. The voice feature is a marketing tie-in for the upcoming film (featuring Freeman, of course) “London Has Fallen.”

Long story short, Freeman plays the role of vice president (in both the app and the movie) and addresses you like you’re the president.

Needless to say, the Internet is ready.