Microsoft Is Tired Of Your Horrible Passwords

examples of bad passwords
By Leah Becerra | May 26, 2016

People know that passwords like "123456" and "password" aren't secure, but they just keep using them. Well, Microsoft isn't putting up with these awful passwords anymore.

On a Microsoft blog, one employee explained that the company sees as many as 10 million accounts attacked every day. And all the terrible passwords that hackers are taking advantage of are being added to a banned passwords list.

So the next time someone tries to make "qwerty" or "abc123" their password on Outlook, Xbox or OneDrive, Microsoft will tell them to "Choose a password that's harder for people to guess."

Microsoft bans poor passwords for security reasons

The company says the banned passwords list already prevents users from creating poor passwords across its Microsoft Account Services and that it will roll out across more than 10 million more Azure AD accounts over the next few months.