Watch Melissa McCarthy Kill 'Colors Of The Wind' In 'Tonight Show' Lip-Sync Battle

By: Auburn Berry | April 5, 2016

Jimmy Fallon and his guests have had some pretty epic lip sync battles in the past, but when Melissa McCarthy took the stage with the "Tonight Show" host, we didn't know how amazing it would turn out.

Fallon started out with his rendition of "Brand New Key" and some pretty great choreography to go along with it. Who knew he could fake roller-skate like that?

McCarthy responded with a bold interpretation of "X Gon' Give It to Ya," which we know would make Deadpool proud.

Fallon looked a little nervous, and we don't blame him!

Fallon's response? Lying on the floor with a pillow performing a certain ex-One Direction member's new single.

But the best part of the whole battle came when McCarthy busted out a stunning rendition of a Disney classic. You've never seen "Colors of the Wind" like this before.

The results were marvelous, and she clearly won it all. Watch the clip above to see it for yourself in all its glory.