These 'Magic Spells' May Not Work, But They'll Make You Laugh

September 8, 2016

So picture this: You go into a metaphysical shop and spy an unbound booklet called "Ancient Magick Spells of the Occult." You pick it up, and this is what you see:

via Giphy

All very important, useful spells for us "modern sorcerers."

Aww, that one is cute.

If you're wondering who took the time to create this beautiful piece of work, the answer is Jeff Wysaski. He runs a website and multiple Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts all filled with goofy projects like this. The account this came from is called "Obvious Plant," where he mostly makes fake signs and documents and leaves them places.

There are fake coupons and animal facts:

And inspirational sports facts:

"Ancient Magick Spells of the Occult" doesn't appear to be for sale, unfortunately. We're just glad Wysaski took the time to create and share it with the world.