This Little Girl Cheering On Her Dad While He Does Her Hair Is The Sweetest Thing

September 22, 2016

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement — even if it's from a 3-year-old.

Derrick Culpepper shared this video on YouTube last year: His daughter Linda tells him how to do her hair. Culpepper says he and his wife Lakisha trade off on hair duty, but he's still learning.

In the adorable video, you can hear Culpepper ask, "How am I doing your hair?" Linda replies, "Good," before adding, "You need more grease on there, ... and then you're going to brush it and put a band on it."

She watches him carefully and adds: "You're getting it down. You're almost done. You're doing a good job." He replies, "Thank you, sweetheart," and carefully continues brushing.

Culpepper posted the video last year, but it went viral after it was recently shared on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of a group called Because of Them We Can.

And people are loving it.

Culpepper wrote on YouTube: "My family encourages me to be be the best Dad that I can be and I never get to catch these memories on video.. I have been a barber pretty much all my life and still find it difficult to style my daughter's hair."