Get Your Gel Pens Ready: Lisa Frank Is Making A Comeback

By Newsy Staff | June 29, 2016

Kittens and unicorns and pandas — oh my! Lisa Frank announced earlier this month it will soon release an adult coloring book.



While we don't yet know the release date, '90s kids are sure to be joining the leagues of adult coloring book fanatics. Coloring books like this have become popular recently, and filling in their intricate designs (think mandalas, enchanted gardens and frolicking worldly animals) have often been said to relieve stress.

While some adult coloring books have taken the more traditional route, others — like this "stress relieving fancy sweary words" coloring book — are taking their own approach.



Whichever style of coloring book appeals to you most, the important takeaway is that coloring isn't just for kids. And just because we traded our Lisa Frank-decorated Trapper Keepers for Lilly Pulitzer planners doesn't mean there isn't an NSYNC-loving, '90s preteen inside us all.



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